Erotica [v0.2.2] By ViV

ViV Games released a new game called Erotica and the version is 0.2.2. The game’s story is about Our fighting visual novel being finished, it is only a demo, but it introduces you to the story and the main character of the game. The action still takes place in the same Pawer Hill, just at a different time and place. Kim makes a living as an underground boxer when her explosive personality gets her fired from her day job. An adept from a company called Erotica spots a beautiful girl in the ring and proposes that she take part in sex fights, where she can earn a lot of money and change her life.

File Size:94.2 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
game details

Game Version Changelog:

New update for our sex wrestling game, there’s a new fighter in the game, it’s Stephanie, she’s just a sports photo model and is bad at fighting. But don’t be fooled because Stephanie uses a lot of dirty tricks. Every next fight, including this one, will end with sex with the loser. Also, defeat in battle now results in game over!

Initial Release

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