Envoy of folly: that time I got reincarnated but stayed a chump [v0.1 Alpha] By Hedgecog games

Hedgecog production released a new game called Envoy of folly: that time I got reincarnated but stayed a chump and the version is 0.1 Alpha. The game’s story is about a world that is almost constantly in danger by the threat of Demon Lord! But what is the threat, if there is no way to fight it? Especially, if the Goddess sends people who died in our world to do the hero’s job! And you are one of them! Envoy of the Goddess.

Avatar of might and magic. Travel with your party of cute girls, and fight necromancers and demons! Or maybe not exactly.​

File Size:1.27 GB
Version:0.1 Alpha
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Game Version Changelog:

  • Alpha 0.1 – Implemented game foundation.

Developer Notes:

This is alpha 0.1. Before you play, imagine it’s an anime Sekai series. You were browsing a TV channel at night and stumbled upon an episode of it. It’s clearly not the first one. It’s clearly a filler. But you still decided to watch it. To the point of being an alpha – every numeric version will continue the story and expand upon gameplay mechanics.

Alpha 0.2 for example, will expand the combat system, making it fun. The story will progress not only forward. But also you will have flashbacks. Those will tell you short “episodes” about you meeting your companions, how you reached this point etc. What will happen when the game reaches the 1.0 state?

It will continue the story on a bigger scale. It will remain serialized, but “episodes” will be bigger. It will have some progression on the main story, also having a few side quests for fun.

This issue must be addressed here in the description. It’s very important.

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