Duality [v0.1.8 Beta] By Per<3rsioN

Per<3rsioN Games released a new game called Duality and the version is 0.1.8 Beta. The game’s story is about In Duality, you take the role of a boy freshly expelled from high school. After moving to another city you’ll get the chance to meet all sorts of girls. Interact with them freely throughout the day, and watch your relationship evolve according to your actions. Will you be a charming seducer or a ruthless oppressor?​

File Size:3.12 GB
Version:0.1.8 Beta
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
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Game Version Changelog:

The version of the update includes a fix for a few bugs that were found during Early-Access in Tiffany’s scene and in some of the new messages

Developer Notes:

For the sake of including sexual content on release, the game features some “late-game” content, but it’s missing some scenes that would lead to it. In the future, characters will be developed in a more linear manner.

While the game is sandbox in nature, girls will have a story on top of their daily routine, that will develop hand in hand with their relationship with you. As you increase their stats, new scenes will unlock at key points of a girl’s relationship, reflecting their feelings towards you, whether good, bad or lusty. *Currently there is only 1 scene of this kind (Ruca’s afternoon scene) but even that one is unfinished and under-developed. I plan to have 10-15 story scenes per girl.

All scenes will evolve depending on the girl’s relationship with you. For example, if a girl didn’t welcome your advances early on, she might once her feelings are high enough. With high respect, she may simply not fight back, or if her perversion is high she will give in to temptation. Of course this will depend on the girl’s personality; a shy girl will react differently compared to a bold one or a promiscuous one.

Players will have a HUGE impact on the development of the game! I will often discuss ideas on Discord and use Patreon polls to pick which content comes next. And for high tier patrons, polls to help me decide which scenes to make for the girls. But even if you’re not a patron, I value your feedback immensely! Feel free to report bugs and suggest your ideas on the Duality Discord! 

I started this game with no knowledge whatsoever in programming, 3D art, writing, and pretty much every skill involved in making this game. Now I’m much better then when I started, and this shows in the game. Earlier scenes are lower quality compared to the latest ones. Future scenes will of course be of even higher quality, as I keep progressing my abilities.

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