Double Reverse Shadow [v1.9] By xirzuozhe

xirzuozhe Games released a new game called Double Reverse Shadow and the version is 1.9. The game’s story is about In a certain time and space in a certain continent, people master the “earth”, “water”, “fire”, and “wind” four kinds of magic, civilization once reached prosperity, and our protagonist Angele is the national master level genius magician…. After an unknown collision of civilizations…. He survived, but was transported to another strange, equally magical place called the Eye of Hope, which was also suffering… Angel was called the savior… But Angel just wants to go back to the original time, because he has a feeling that his time is suffering… But it doesn’t seem to be going so well… Preoccupied with returning to the original time and space, Angel has no choice but to fight on With the development of the plot will gradually understand each heroine’s past, and the story behind this continent…..​

File Size:2.05 GB
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Game Version Changelog:

Initial Release
At present, there are 1600+ static, 230+ dynamic,

Developer Notes:

Hello, people who see this page “xirzuozhe” is currently using RPG MAKER for the game “Double Reverse Shadow” Currently English and Chinese, more languages….. will be supported in the future Development content contains 18+ content, you must be at least 18 years old to play….. If you like this game, please sponsor support, it will benefit you will have a better experience….. I will try to do better…. Thank you for your support….

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