Crystal Story Awakening [v2.33] By Dot Kobo

Dot Kobo Games released a new game called Crystal Story Awakening and the version is 2.33. The game’s story is about In a secluded village away from the rest of the world, heroes are trained to fight against monsters seeking Magic Crystals. After an initial monster uprising that could tip the balance of power in favor of these monsters, three such heroes depart this village. Meanwhile, trainee Tsubame, the sister of a hero, wishes to join her brother in his campaign. Follow her lewd adventures with new monsters, new love interests, and a handful of pervs, as she journeys to meet up with her brother. This is a “what if” story involving Tsubame, the MC’s sister from the first game by this developer. It follows how Tsubame’s journey to catch up to her brother could have gone.​

Developer:Dot Kobo
File Size:772.9 MB
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Last version of RPG Maker VX game build

Translator Notes:

Also the information that are in the form of picture such as characters biography is not translated because I don’t know how to

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