Colver’s Space Beat [Final] By Shinlalala

Shinlalala Games released a new game called Colver’s Space Beat and the version is Final. The game’s story is about Mad scientist Doctor Deadbeat has created an army of robots to invade the Drumstar system and make an evil anti-music state. Clover and Miller, two beat pilots, are sent by the Dance Federation to stop him. Clover’s Space Beat is a gay lewd rhythm space shooter game in which you take control of Clover in his quest to stop Doctor Deadbeat. You’ll get help from Miller, the engineer and mothership pilot and the Colonel of the Dance Federation.

File Size:25.6 MB
OS:Windows, Android
game details


  • VN like silly dialogues
  • Shoot’em up rhythm based intense action
  • Cool electronic music
  • Very gay femboy rodents
  • Hot voice acting
  • Fully animated steamy scenes
MoveArrow keys / Joystick / D-Pad
Shoot / ValidateX / A button
Slash / CancelsC / B button
PauseEscape / Start
Screen sizeF3

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