Cape Caspry [v0.1.5b] By Verbadrome

Verbadrome Games released a new game called Cape Caspry and the version is 0.1.5b. The game’s story is about is set in the small town of Cape Caspry, where our young male protagonist arrives after he decided to leave his old life behind. Hoping to lead an ordinary life after his parent’s tragic death, our main character checks in at the local motel to get settled in town until he’s able to find a place for himself.

He soon notices some odd things going on at night throughout the city, and even in the tiny motel, he’s staying in. Our main character quickly realizes that no one in town seems to be willing to believe the stories of the strange new kid in town, that you are. As your suspicions grow stronger day by day you soon decide it’s time to take, matters into your own hands and try to unravel Cape Casprys dark secrets…​

File Size:231.5 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
game details

Future Release:

  • The map will be expanded in future updates
  • More characters will be added
  • You will be able to turn the motel you’re staying in into a brothel, manage it, and even recruit some of the characters living in town
  • Some scenes will be animated in the future
  • Music and some sounds will be added
  • You will have more than one currently available opportunity for earning money
  • A small leveling system will be implemented in the game. At the moment you have two statistics you can level up. Two more will be added in future updates
  • Each character’s storyline will be expanded
  • You will be able to form loving relationships or sexual friendships with many of the characters
  • Your actions will determine whether you’ll be able to achieve your goals

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