Blue Is Better 2 [0.99.9b + Xmas 2023] By Auril

Auril Games released a new game called Blue Is Better 2 and the version is 0.99.9b + Xmas 2023. The game’s story is about Second chapter of Blue is Better Continue the adventures of Alexios(main human charater) with amazing draenei family​

File Size:4.08 GB
Version:0.99.9b + Xmas 2023
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Xmas 2023 added


  • Five new scenes added:

Alex+Taresgosa Alex+Tanya Alex+Mage Girls Jaina+Avery+James Alex+Lady D (Alternative ending)

  • Some changes in level design.
  • Added Quest Log.
  • German and French translations added for quest log and inventory (Chinese and Russian will be added later).
  • Some changes in game interface, inventory and game settings menu.
  • Checkboxes in game settings no longer reset when you open and close the menu
  • Fixed bug where talking to Alysa first in the bunny hunt caused Tanya not to spawn
  • Fixed missing dialogue between Alysa and Alexandra
  • Fixed the camera in Stormy’s beach scene
  • Bow no longer lingers in the inventory after selling it to the blacksmith
  • Fixed scene with Mona and Luciana
  • Tauren’s penis size buffed in all animations with Imara
  • Fixed LODs for some characters
  • Tarecgosa model updated

During our absence from the milk farm, Zara the night elf has picked up some new skills and made them available. – 3 new scenes with Zara on the farm – Zara model updated in the new scenes – Added option for enabling/disabling hardware ray tracing – Fixed some problems with last frames in animations – Adjusted the lighting to make some scenes appear less dark – Little changes in level and quest design – Game moved to Unreal Engine 5.1

Universal Fix For WhoreCraft

1. open Block Notes and copy/paste these ( change the resoluction to 1920×1080 if you have something different):

  • ShowSetup=0
  • Commandline=
  • Scalability.Resolution=100
  • Scalability.Shadows=3
  • Scalability.Textures=3
  • Scalability.ViewDistance=3
  • Scalability .PostProcess=3
  • Scalability.Foliage=3
  • Scalability.Effects=3
  • Scalability.AA=3
  • Graphics.FullscreenMode=2
  • Graphics.ResolutionX=1920
  • Graphics.ResolutionY=1080
  • Graphics.VSync=0
  • Graphics.Monitor=0
  • 2. save as -> “OST_Game.cfg” (put .cfg it is important because it will make a file CFG)
  • 3.put these files in OST_Game ,where is your game
  • 4. start the game

Game Images & Screenshots


Xmas 2023

Xmas 2022

Xmas 2021


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