Becoming a Trap [v0.5.0] By Dev_muffin

Dev_muffin Games released a new game called Becoming a Trap and the version is 0.5.0. The game’s story is about (working title for now) is a game about a young boy Austyn, who decided to travel to a parallel universe, which is highly populated with fictional genders like futanari and traps. In these realities your hero is specified as a trap, so you have no other choice than adapt.​

File Size:352.9 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
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Game Version Changelog:


  • 8 new sequences! (a couple of them tiny)
  • Little development of the main scenario. Waiting for a miracle.
  • Interesting news. Visit Anna.
  • Continue your exam preparations. Guess who will teach you.
  • New yoga pose
  • Tech changes:
  • Character equip yoga clothes automatically.
  • Smartphone interface. Now it looks more pretty. Smartphone quests are in the Notes section. Also, you can check your stats there! Most of them are useless, but at least now you know about them!
  • Inventory and clothes. There were a lot of bugs when the character dresses up in sequence. The “Perversion” stat had wrong calculations every time. In inventory, you can see the relatives between your cloth perversion and your perversion stat. If one more than another – you can quit your room.
  • More migrations for old quests to prevent the wrong order of the quests.
  • Order of quests is more strict right now. It was in a public release already, but you probably didn’t play it.


  • New Jannet sequences!
  • But Also the Holy and Anna sequences, because they have some connections!
  • Continue your “workout” with mommy.
  • (Visit your mom at evening in her room!)
  • Serious conversations with Jannet await you, as well as a pleasant surprise at the end!
  • (Contains NTR scene, also casual sex scene)
  • Ask Anna to help you with new underwear!
  • (Message her, get some money first!)
  • New yoga scene, also couple of micro-scenes for work!
  • And also many little things personally for me, which help me develop better.
  • Lots of micro-enhacements, which ablle to prevent some bugs, which even you may did not mention.


  • The most important thing – saves from 0.2.1 should work! Load your save-file with full progress and try the new content!
  • Two new sequences with Trish! Hang out with her!
  • (Accessible after you gave the notes to Trish)
  • Talk with Jannet about whats happened!
  • (Accessible after training with your mommy)
  • Go on Hospital Lessons!
  • (Accessible after lection in Hospital)
  • After you going to have an access to work and earn first money.
  • (But for now, there is no sense in money actually :c )
  • New yoga pose!
  • Minor bug fixes, which I found personally.

Developer Notes:

  • Script is not fully written for today, also as an art not fully drawn.
  • Next release will include the playable part.
  • Just for now it’s an prologue demo.
  • Feel free to leave the comments about bugs and etc on twitter post or here on

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